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Corporate responsibility at Avaya

We believe it is our responsibility to help make the world a better place, and are devoted to making a positive impact to address the global challenges we all face

Avaya employees hiking and planting trees
Shefali Shah, Chief Administrative Officer

Avaya leadership on corporate responsibility

"Corporate responsibility is so important to Avaya—it means developing innovative solutions that not only solve business problems, but also address community needs.”

—Shefali Shah
Chief Administrative Officer

Environmental sustainability

Avaya remains committed to environmental sustainability, doing our part to combat climate change, identifying opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, solutions and services and facilitating the return and end-of-life management of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, and packaging.

Quality Policy

Policies and position statements

Avaya’s policies reflect a specific statement of principles and or guiding actions that express our clear commitment on an issue. Policies are established to respond to legal or regulatory guidelines; resolve a conflict or problem; recognize legitimate interests; and/or prepare, inform and guide internal and external stakeholders. Our position statements articulate our stance on a specific issue and may become policy, as appropriate.

Awards, ratings, and rankings

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